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it's different!


FBL (Fantasy Ballers League) was born in the Spring of 2008 in Mount Eliza Australia,

 due to a lack of Companies and Brands not giving athletes a second chance.


The driving force behind me writing about basketball, 2 sons that loved it and a daughter that didn’t, my dream for FBL began and the journey started.

FBL is different. A reality program that opens the door to ballers that possess skill & drive but lack opportunity. A footwear brand that has the urban vibe to suit not only the player but also the lifestyle addict.

After several years of knock backs and closed doors, I gave up and placed everything in the bottom drawer. Every year I went through the pain of not trying again.

2 years ago, and a few more setbacks, I decided it was now or never.

Here I am today, loving what I do best, designing, manufacturing, and selling my dream.  It is a bumpy road, but I believe I am ready to take it on.

Basketball, Streetball and 3X3, they are my passion. FBL footwear designs enhance performance on & off the hardwood. 

FBL is more than a brand to me; It is a way of life for many who dare to follow.




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