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The FBL 'Threat' Basketball Shoe


Introducing the FBL 'Threat' Basketball Shoe – Your Ultimate Game Changer!

Elevate your game with the FBL 'Threat,' a basketball shoe meticulously designed for top-tier performance on the court. Crafted to meet the demands of both professional athletes and passionate enthusiasts, the 'Threat' combines cutting-edge features with a sleek design, ensuring you stay at the top of your game.


Key Features:

  • Full Lace-Up System: The FBL 'Threat' features a full lace-up system, providing a secure and customizable fit to enhance your on-court agility and stability.

  • Front Fold Over Flap: A front fold-over flap across the laced area adds an extra layer of protection and support, keeping your feet secure during quick movements and sharp turns.

  • Fully Padded Tongue and Collar: Experience unparalleled comfort with a fully padded tongue and collar that offer cushioning and support where you need it most.

  • Multi-Surface Traction: The advanced multi-surface traction ensures superior grip on a variety of court surfaces, allowing you to make precise cuts and explosive moves with confidence.

  • Premium Materials:

    • 80% High-End Microfibre PU Upper: Durable and lightweight, the microfibre PU upper provides a responsive feel while maintaining robust support.
    • 15% Rubber Patch: Reinforced with a rubber patch for increased durability in high-wear areas.
    • 5% Mesh: Strategic mesh panels promote breathability, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during intense gameplay.
  • High-Performance Outersole: The outersole is composed of 70% EVA and 30% TPR, delivering a perfect balance of cushioning, responsiveness, and durability for optimal performance.

  • Superior Soft Innersole: Enjoy maximum comfort with a double-thickness, superior soft innersole that absorbs impact and provides a plush feel with every step.

  • Black/Gold Design: Make a statement on the court with the sleek and stylish black/gold colorway, ensuring you look as good as you play.

  • Threat Signature: Each pair is stamped with the iconic Threat signature, representing the commitment to excellence and performance.

  • Extra Pair of Laces: Customize your look with the extra pair of laces included, allowing you to switch up your style on and off the court.

  • Wide Range of Sizes: Available immediately in sizes 5US to 13US.


Find your perfect fit and dominate the court in style.


Gear up with the FBL 'Threat' Basketball Shoe – where style meets substance, and performance meets precision. Step onto the court with confidence and leave your mark in the game.

'Threat' Basketball Shoes - Black

    • Full Lace Up
    • Front fold over flap across laced area
    • Fully Padded Tongue and Collar
    • Multi Surface Traction
    • 80% high end Microfibre  PU Upper ,15% Rubber Patch and 5% Mesh
    • Outersole is 70% EVA, 30% TPR
    • Supperior soft innersole,double thickness
    • Black/Gold
    • Extra pair Laces included
    • Threat signature
    • Sizes 5US- 13US available immediately

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