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it's different!

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FBL [Fantasy Ballers League]

A basketball brand that takes off where all the other brands collapse on the hardwood.

FBL is different it puts together products for teams with divergent ways of life.

FBL was born way back in '08’ in Mount Eliza Victoria, Australia, I was tired of brands and companies not giving athletes and individuals a second chance at their dreams.

Having 2 sons, Ben & Loch and understanding how delicate life can be travelling along the path of dreams I decided to use basketball as the vehicle to tell the story for them and everyone to regain that second chance.

At that time, I not only wrote an incredible reality television program called FBL, but I have now gone on to design and release some amazing product for players and lifestyle rock stars who love a little bling in their life.

FBL intersects with the music and entertainment industry and only allows 3 colorways in its product, Black, White and Gold (Bling).

FBL is more than a brand; It is a way of life for many who dare to follow.

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